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Our History

Shonen Soda grew from founder Ryota “Ryan” Hashimoto’s boyhood love of his hometown’s unique sweets. Ryan was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and upon immigrating to San Francisco, noticed that the variety of soda flavors he was used to was missing. Ryan wanted to create a beverage brand of his own to bring some of the "Nostalgic Japanese Crème Soda" to the western market and enlighten the palates of beverage enthusiasts.

“Shonen” (少年 in Japanese) literally translates to “boy” or “youth”. The term typically refers to Japanese males between the ages of five and eighteen, much like Ryan right before his immigration to the United States. More commonly, the term Shonen is used in parallel with manga and anime in Japan that target this younger teen demographic.

Mission Statement:

At Shonen, our mission is to offer our Japanese influenced products suited to their different lifestyle, requirements, and customs. In doing so, we want to create a more significant impact on the global beverage industry.


Our vision is to cultivate pride and confidence through all generations of every culture.


Locally Exotic Soda

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CHILDREN Incorporated


Children Incorporated is an international non-profit organization that supports underprivileged kids with education, food, healthcare, clothing, school supplies and tuition fees

The concept of Shonen Soda is to reenact the nostalgic flavors that I drank in Japan when I was a little boy. I grew up in a privileged environment and country that made me have these core memories, but I’ve realized that there are countless kids in the world who can’t have access to most things. I want to help these kids in such an environment as much as possible and give them an environment where they can remember the good memories of their childhood.

Shonen Soda will do everything in its power to support such children.

Please check the link below to find more about Children Incorporated.